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Barton Albert Buhtz was born August 6, 1939 in Bellingham, Wa. the 3rd of 4 chidren to Bill Buhtz and Alice Ford. He married Beverly Ann Ediger (b. April 3, 1940 in Salem, Oregon) on August 6, 1960 in Salem, Or. They had three children.

Barton served in the United States Marine Corps from 1957-1958. College in Bellingham at Western Washington University and Simpson College in San Francisco, Ca. Program director for KEAR-FM in San Francisco and Family Radio Network from 1959-1965. Operations Manager for KHOF-FM in Los Angeles from 1966-1968. General Manager of SMF Industries, Inc. from 1970-1977. President of Solar World, Inc. from 1978-1982. Vice President of Assistance in Missions, Inc. 1969-present. Inventor of the Tow Hoist and a vertical shaft, horizontally driven shrouded wind turbine electric system. Also presently director of music at the Church of the Open Bible in Tejunga, California. He is a "City Farmer" with two horses, 12 chickens, 8 cats, 1 acre and a garden. All this in Shadow Hills, a part of Sunland, California. (As of January, 1987.) In March of 1989, he was at 1151 Mt Gleason Drive in Sunland, Ca. Barton Albert Buhtz's page is under construction.
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Barton Albert Buhtz Family

Children of Barton Buhtz and Beverly Ann Ediger

Brendilee April Buhtz b. May 17, 1963; San Francisco, Ca. m. Scott Pugmire; Sep 15, 1984 Children: Brandon Scott Pugmire (b. Aug 27, 1987)
Shaun Aaron Pugmire
BeAnn Alaine Buhtz b. July 25, 1964; San Francisco, Ca. M. Randall Pluimer; July 11, 1987 Both Attended Eugene Bible College Child: Natasha Elise Pluimer (b. July 25, 1988)
Bryan August Buhtz b. March 22, 1968; Los Angeles, Ca. Lived in Sunland, Ca. with parents in 1989